Public spaces


Ryazan, Russia

The residential complex “PRIDE PARK” is located in the very center of the city of Ryazan within the quarter, created on the one hand by Pervomaisky Prospekt and Pozhalostina streets, and on the other by Seminarskaya and Pavlova streets.
The houses of the complex are inscribed in the landscape, in order to get into the territory of the complex, there was a maximum immersion in the natural environment.
All small architectural forms will be made according to an individual project.

To create a picturesque corner of wildlife in the local area, we were inspired by the nature of the savannas and prairies. The decision was made to completely abandon the lawn. The exploited surfaces are made of large-format porcelain stoneware in natural colors. All free space is occupied by close plantings, consisting mainly of perennial grasses and shrubs. In addition, in order to achieve maximum similarity, it is planned to plant large-sized mature trees (Siberian pine).
The house itself is literally hidden in the surrounding landscape and when you stay here, it seems that you are in the very center of the world, and only nature surrounds you.